Potatoes on the ground.

How To Put Your Canadian Couch Potato ETF Portfolio on Autopilot

If you’ve ever invested in mutual funds, hopefully you have done the math and were appalled by just how much you’re paying in management fees over the course of your life. This is why some cost-conscious Canadians have decided to ditch those high-fee mutual funds and take retirement into their own hands by opening a Questrade brokerage account and following a Canadian Couch Potato ETF portfolio.

It’s now possible to automate Canadian Couch Potato ETF portfolios in Questrade by setting up recurring contributions and using Passiv’s One-click Trades. This means no more time spent doing calculations, maintaining spreadsheets, making trades, or having to continuously check for cash and dividends hitting your account.

Here are 5 steps to automate your portfolio:

  1. Get a Questrade account
  2. Sign up with Passiv and get set up
  3. Purchase a Passiv Elite subscription
  4. Set up recurring contributions to your Questrade account
  5. Put your feet up and retire easy

Passiv was created to help investors manage their portfolio and follow a passive investing strategy. It does this by integrating with your Questrade account and makes the tedious tasks involved when allocating cash and rebalancing easier. Before you use Passiv, you should have knowledge of investing and feel comfortable determining your target asset allocation for each ETF in your portfolio. To help decide if passive investing is right for you, you can read our primer here or consult a fee-only advisor.

Here are some key things you should know about Passiv:

  • Passiv is an official partner with Questrade.
  • Using Passiv will not void Questrade’s terms of service.
  • Passiv takes security seriously and does not store your Questrade credentials or financial data.
  • Passiv is not a financial advisor and does not make recommendations for your portfolio.