We are a small team of people who were disillusioned with the retirement prospects for the 21st century. We all had the same problem of spending too much time doing the tedious part of managing our investments, but weren’t interested in paying high management fees for someone else to do it. Passiv is an attempt to make investing easier by automating the tedious bits and getting rid of manual data entry.

The Team

Mike Cousins

Mike has a dream. He wants people to be able to save for retirement easily and well. Investing knowledge is hard to come by, fees are high, and the experience is bad. He’s going to fix this.

He is a developer from Calgary, a father, really tall, and enjoys volleyball, hockey, and skiing.

Kirsten Dodd

Kirsten has lived in cities across North America, always finding new sources of creativity and innovation in each. A live music goer, a world traveler, and above all a dog lover.

A unicorn Web Designer and Developer with a heavy focus on user experience, utilizing the science behind behavioral design to build sleek digital experiences. She’s new to investing and her goal is to make it feel less intimidating for others.

Brendan Kam

Brendan started buying mutual funds in 2012, getting an average return of 2% a year. He got greedy and started buying volatility ETFs and lost 20% of his investments in 6 months. Passive investing would have given him a 12% yearly return. Don’t be like Brendan, Get Passiv.

Brendan Lee Young

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, a small Caribbean island. Brendan considers himself a value investor and is huge fan of Warren Buffet. He believes that if you can’t beat the market, then you may as well buy it.

Brendan is passionate about helping others and spending time with family and friends. His interests include traveling, beaches, cooking, soccer, video-games, music, DJ-ing, reading, and investing of course!

Brendan Wood

Brendan grew up on the rugged shores of Newfoundland and moved to New Brunswick for the canoeing. He’s a father of two with a drive for building and fixing.

Brendan is a passive investor who diversifies across index fund ETFs, real estate, and cryptocurrency. In his little spare time, Brendan enjoys tossing his kids around, cycling, and spending time with friends and family.