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At Passiv we believe that you should not have to work hard at making your investments work for you. We make it easy to maintain your portfolio’s target allocation by taking care of the calculations and letting you synchronize your holdings with one click. This way you stay balanced and spend less time with spreadsheets.

About Passiv
Target Allocation

Maintain Your Portfolio’s Target Allocation

Build your portfolio and maintain your target allocation. Use Passiv's "buy-only" setting to identify the underweight assets in your portfolio.

Target Allocation

Automate Your Investments

Save time by letting Passiv calculate & execute the trades needed to keep your portfolio balanced.

Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts

Get notified whenever new cash & dividend payments come in or whenever your portfolio drifts out of alignment.

What Passiv Users Have to Say

"This is a great tool! Sign up is simple, connecting to my stock portfolio was a breeze, and the interface is really clean and straightforward. Highly recommend to anyone who manages a portfolio."

Tyler F.

" I’ve saved a ton of time and money using Passiv. Its simplicity has given me the confidence to manage my retirement investments."

Santi C.

Stay Informed

We are are constantly working on new features for the app, sign up for the opportunity to gain first access. We will also let you know as more brokerages become available.

We make sure everything is secure

We work with brokerages directly and use their APIs in order to keep your information safe and secure. This ensures that you are not breaching their terms & conditions. We do not store your login credentials to your brokerage account nor do we share your information with any third parties. Click here to learn more.