How to Allow Selling to Rebalance

By default, Passiv will only calculate Buy trades to keep your commissions down. Here is how to turn on Sell calculations.

You can’t control the stock market’s movements, but you have some control over the fees you pay to make trades. Since you may be charged commissions to buy and sell assets, you can save on commission fees by only selling when you absolutely have to. If you’re contributing to your investment account regularly, then you may be able to keep your portfolio on target simply by buying the underweight assets with new cash deposits. Even better, Questrade clients don’t pay commission to buy ETFs, so a buy-only strategy can mean you pay nearly nothing in commissions.

However, if you want to turn on selling to rebalance for any reason, it’s simple to do. Click on an account, scroll down to the Controls box, and turn on the toggle switch next to Allow selling to rebalance. That’s it!