Seamlessly Manage your Spouse's Account


Many of us have partners and spouses who have a Questrade account, but they aren’t keen on managing it themselves. If you’re already using Passiv for your own accounts, it’s a piece of cake to add your spouse’s account. Once you’re done, your spouse’s account will appear alongside your own in Passiv.

You can also do this for multiple accounts or for other family members as well.

Step 1 - Become an authorized trader for your spouse’s account

This step can take a while due to Questrade’s verification process. Your spouse will need to fill out and submit a Trading Authorization form in order to grant you access. This form can be found under your spouse’s Account Management page:

Questrade - Account Management

Fill out the forms, scan them, and upload back to Questrade with a copy of your valid photo ID. Alternatively, you could mail in the forms.

And now you need to wait for Questrade’s validation process to approve the trading authorization. This can take a couple of days.

After a couple days, check back in your spouse’s account to see if the trading authorization has been approved:

Questrade - Manage Authorized Traders

If it’s approved, you should be listed as an authorized trader. So now you need to link your account to your spouse’s so that the account information will be available in your account.

Click the “Start” button to start the linking process. You will need to enter your email address and a secret phrase (remember this) that you will confirm later. You will promptly receive an email asking you to link your account.

Once you receive this email, open the link inside, enter the secret phrase, and login using your Questrade credentials (not your spouse’s).

Now your accounts are linked, but you still need to wait for the authorized trader activation to take place. In my experience, this took one day.

Step 3 - Enable authorized trader access on your spouse’s account

After a day, check back in your spouse’s account to see the status of the authorized trader activation:

Questrade - Manage Authorized Traders

If it is complete, stay in your spouse’s account and make sure that both general API access and authorized trader access are enabled. There is a switch for this in the account settings:


Questrade - Account Settings

Flip that switch, and we’re almost done!

Step 4 - Wait for Passiv to sync your accounts

The last step is to wait for Passiv to sync your accounts. This happens every night to make sure that we have the latest account information. Close your weary eyes and dream sweet dreams of blissful trading. When you wake up, you’ll be your family’s financial superhero.


First published on June 7, 2018.