Balance Your Portfolio at the Click of a Button


One of the most tedious tasks involved in managing a portfolio is having to make trades to maintain a balanced portfolio. Passiv’s core mission is to make it as easy as possible to manage your portfolio in a brokerage account, which we do by helping with balance and allocation calculations. But you still have to manually make the trades…until now. Today, we are releasing One-click Trades as a key tool for Passiv Elite subscribers.

One-click Trades is a way to quickly synchronize your investment holdings with your target portfolio in Passiv. Instead of manually entering every order, you can just click a button to place several trades in series and bring your account into alignment instantly.

Whether you’re just getting started with investing on your own or have been doing so for years, this is truly an exciting time. The playing field is level and DIY investors no longer have to spend countless hours a year managing a portfolio. This gives rise to a new world of possibilities and cheaper retirement options, by making investing on your own a whole lot easier.

Want to build your own personal robo-advisor? You can do that with Passiv. After setting up your account, the only manual step is to click a button to rebalance when you have new cash in your account or when your portfolio drifts too far.

Old-fashioned robo-advisors do have a place for hands-off investors and have done a good job of justifying their fees. They are substantially cheaper than mutual funds and provide all the benefits of passive investing. However, the cheapest and most flexible option is to invest on your own and seek the help of fee-only advisors when needed.

Welcome to a new world where DIY investors can manage their portfolios on their own without having to rely on rebalancing spreadsheets and manual labour.

How can I start using One-click Trades?

One-click trades are available to all Passiv Elite subscribers. To become an Elite subscriber visit your Settings page and subscribe.

Once you are subscribed, you will need to grant Passiv permission to place orders on your Questrade account. You can do this by visiting your Settings page and authorizing for trade access. Once you have authorized, a new Prepare Orders button will be available for each of your accounts. This will validate a series of trades and give you the option to execute them on Questrade. It’s that easy!

Here’s a brief video showing how it works:

First published on May 24, 2018.